Riga Residency is promoted by the families of Mrs. Anna Irbe, Riga and Rev.G.Stephen, Coimbatore.

Mrs. Anna Irbe, the daughter of Rt. Rev. Karlis Irbe, Bishop of Riga, Latvia was the first Lativan missionary who came to work in India. Mrs. Anna Irbe and Rev. G. Stephen dedicated their lives to social service and missionary work in villages in Tamilnadu. After working 20 years in the villages Mrs.Irbe returned to a house in Wellington with the family of Rev. G. Stephen. This house adjoins the grounds of Riga Residency as does the house to which Rev. Stephen later retired. Although Mrs. Anna Irbe and Rev. G. Stephen have since passed away, their legacy of social service and hospitality live on in the missionary work and the hospitality business that the family supports.

By the doorway of Riga Residency is a cross from the first church that was established by Mrs. Anna Irbe & Rev. G. Stephen (see picture below).

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